Dangerous Obsession

The widely publicized murder of the Reverend Park Sung results in the disruption of Malcolm Rollins’ respected and lucrataive Divine Church of the People, a financial empire which has positioned itself along the corporate Manhattan skyline. Intent on uncovering the murderer, Rollins hires aggressive and idealistic detective Nathan Weinschenk to protect the two things that he lives for – his church and his soft spoken, classically beautiful daughter, Laura – from scandal and imminent danger. Intrigued by Laura and seduced into a world of fast-talking, corrupt and highly charismatic “Holy Men,” Weinschenk struggles to untangle the web of psychological, financial and sexual clues to the ongoing murders. Overwhelmed by her wisdom and purity, Nathan is drawn into Laura’s private world. There, he unveils the cesspool of sin as he joins the fraternity of sexual victims while the preacher’s daughter claims yet another soul.

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