🎥 BATMAN (1989) | Full Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p

The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being the clownishly homicidal Joker. Director: Tim Burton Writers: Bob Kane (Batman characters), Sam Hamm (story) Stars: Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Kim Basinger #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 DESPICABLE ME (2010) | Full Movie Trailer | Full HD | 1080p

When a criminal mastermind uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme, he finds their love is profoundly changing him for the better. Directors: Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud Writers: Cinco Paul (screenplay by), Ken Daurio (screenplay by) Stars: Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 NEVER LET ME GO (2010) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

The lives of three friends, from their early school days into young adulthood, when the reality of the world they live in comes knocking. —————- Cast: Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 TOOTSIE (1982) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

Michael Dorsey, an unsuccessful actor, disguises himself as a woman in order to get a role on a trashy hospital soap. —————- Cast: Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange, Teri Garr #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE (2009) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

A Chicago librarian has a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, creating complications in his marriage. —————- Cast: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Ron Livingston #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 PEARL HARBOR (2001) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

A tale of war and romance mixed in with history. The story follows two lifelong friends and a beautiful nurse who are caught up in the horror of an infamous Sunday morning in 1941. —————- Cast: Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 SCARY MOVIE 4 (2006) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

Cindy finds out the house she lives in is haunted by a little boy and goes on a quest to find out who killed him and why. Also, Alien “Tr-iPods” are invading the world and she has to uncover the secret in order to stop them. —————- Cast: Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Craig Bierko #MoviePredictor […]

🎥 WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS (2008) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

A man and a woman are compelled, for legal reasons, to live life as a couple for a limited period of time. At stake is a large amount of money. —————- Cast: Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher, Rob Corddry #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 DROP DEAD FRED (1991) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

A young woman finds her already unstable life rocked by the presence of a rambunctious imaginary friend from childhood. —————- Cast: Phoebe Cates, Rik Mayall, Marsha Mason #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie

🎥 THE SANDLOT (1993) | Full Movie Trailer in HD | 1080p

In the summer of 1962, a new kid in town is taken under the wing of a young baseball prodigy and his rowdy team, resulting in many adventures. —————- Cast: Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Art LaFleur #MoviePredictor #trailer #BestMovie