THE DEADLY COMPANIONS – Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran – Full Western Movie [English]

An ex-army officer accidentally kills a woman’s son and tries to make up for it by escorting the funeral procession through dangerous Indian territory. —————- Cast: Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran

VANESSA – Laila Novak & Arthur Hansel – Full Drama Movie – English

A woman is dissatisfied with her husband and resorts to another woman and a man. —————- Stars: Laila Novak, Arthur Hansel, Jacqueline Voltaire ———– TOP 10! HOTFLIX recommends: (click and watch full length movies)

SONG OF SONGS | Heather Simpson | Full Length Romantic Comedy Movie | English

Song of Songs is the story of Jolene, an up and coming musician, who is ready to toss out everything she’s worked her whole life for to win the heart of the man of her dreams, her roommate Josh. The problem is she’s the exact opposite of everything he’s looking for, and he’s even got […]

JACK LOGAN | Giselle Cidserrano | Kayson Clark | Full Length Horror Movie | English

In 1920 the last of a band of traveling gypsies are killed to make way for the development of St. George Island. Now after 96 years, life is breathed back into an ancient terror. With only vengeance in mind, all trespassers on St. George Island are murdered in gruesome fashion . ————— Cast: Kevin Borjas […]

SCARLET STREET | Joan Bennett | Edward G. Robinson | Full Length Drama Movie | Classis | English

When a man in mid-life crisis befriends a young woman, her venal fiancé persuades her to con him out of the fortune they mistakenly assume he possesses. —— Cast: Edward G. Robinson – Christopher Cross Joan Bennett – Katharine ‘Kitty’ March Dan Duryea – Johnny Prince Margaret Lindsay – Millie Ray Rosalind Ivan – Adele […]

THE FINAL DUEL | 決戰 | Kingfisher the Killer | 米雪 | Michelle Yim | Kung Fu Action Movie | English

A nightclub owner wants his partner disposed, in order to have complete control of the club. Willing to fight for power, the two engage in a series of action packed arguments. —————- Cast: Hung Yi Liu – Ah Gou (as Jacky Liu) Michelle Yim – Huang Rong (as Michelle) Yang Chen (as Yeung Chai) Supansa […]

SHAOLIN KUNG FU | Shao Lin gong fu | 少林功夫 | 聞江龍 | Full Shaolin Movie | English | 少林功夫

All is well until the dastardly Tongyang brings his rickshaws into town and starts using his hired muscle to dominate the clientele. —————- Cast: Chiang-Lung Wen Hung Yi Ping Lu Chi Ping Chang Pao-Shan Chang

TOO LATE FOR TEARS | Lizabeth Scott | Don DeFore | Full Length Noir Crime Movie | English | HD

Through a fluke circumstance a ruthless woman stumbles across a suitcase filled with $60,000, and she is determined to hold onto it even if it means murder. —————- Cast: Lizabeth Scott – Jane Palmer Don DeFore – Don Blake / Don Blanchard Dan Duryea – Danny Fuller Arthur Kennedy – Alan Palmer ———– TOP 10! […]


This peculiar spaghetti western from prolific director Demofilo Fidani (using the pseudonym “Miles Deem”) deals with a man named Blonde (Chet Davis) tracking bounty hunter Lazar (Hunt Powers) to the mining town of Lamazos. Fidani’s film is unusual in its almost hallucinatory lack of logic, creating a surreal effect aided by the cinematography of Aristide […]

BRUCE: KING OF KUNG FU | 醉蛇小子 | Bruce Le | 呂小龍 | Bolo Yeung | 楊斯 | Full Kung Fu Movie | English

A semi-biography of a young Bruce Lee striving to perfect his fighting style and how he is continually threatened by other schools of Kung Fu, jealous of his power, ability and agility. —————- Cast: Bruce Le – Bruce Lee (as Lee Shiao-Lung) Kien Shih (as Kin Sek) Kwok Choi Hon – Ah Choi Bolo Yeung […]