THE BATTLE OF THE LAST PANZER | The Last Panzer Battalion | Full Length War Movie | English | HD

A group of German Tank Crew fight to survive in france while a french woman falls in love with the German lieutenant.
Stelvio Rosi – Lt. Hunter
Erna Schurer – Jeanette
Guy Madison – Lofty
Rubén Rojo – Sgt. Schultz

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  1. штатники как обычно в своём репертуаре, чё не могли у своих "друзей" фрицев попросить пару тигров пантер?

  2. J'ai mis en public des films EN FRANÇAIS! alors je ne comprends pas pourquoi on me distribue des films dans cette LANGUE et SURTOUT! Sans sous titre en FRANÇAIS alors que je ne peux que admirer les Images sans riens y COMPRENDRE!?

    Cheap production, class B-
    Those "Tiger", "Panzer" tanks are US M-47 "Patton" 1.!!!
    And the "artists",
    ( cheap amateurs)
    their dialogues sound absolutely artificial and out of tone and out of context.!!!
    And the uniforms.???
    The US M-1 helmets, are plastic kid's toys.!!!
    They don't even look alike the real thing.!!!
    Spaghetti movies, should only stay in the Western /cowboy, and with Sergio Leone.!!!
    Sorry, thumbs, (very), DOWN.!!!

  4. Those are American tanks, Shermans I think definitely not Panzers. very hokey, can't even watch it. What an incredible waste of money. 20 normal peoples life time earnings for this piece of shit. Who in hell thought this was a good investment?

  5. The filler before me is right those are not tiger tanks I think they are Panzer Mark 4 and you can ask mine fuhrer Adolf Merkel she should know what they are and also know this about her she's a tyrant she's horrible she's rearming Germany against her own citizens that would fight her and the rest of the world with the most incredible weapons of all to destroy people in Mass genocide just like her predecessor Adolf did in his final solution in the 1940s God bless President Donald J Trump the only world leader that can stand up against the Germans and Japanese as both a rearming like never before since World War II and their end goal is a destruction of entire cultures and enslavement of populations once more God bless President Donald J Trump and blue lives matter

  6. Americans, in WW2 armed with FN 49 and FN FAL rifles? And funky uniforms and helmets. How did they get those rifles 10 years before they existed? Oh, yeah, they came in the same shipment as the US M47 Patton tanks the Germans are driving. But some of the tanks have a sharp square "chine", the M47/48 had a rounded "chine" (hull leading edge) Hmmm Definitely M47 turrets. "We thought you were Americans…" Because AMERICAN TANKS! LOL

  7. *TOTAL 'PIECE OF SHIT' CLICK-BAIT!*  (as soon as I saw 'Guy Madison' in what I presume is the 'lead'…I know it's just'dubbed' POS likely from Spain, where Madison retired to after 'Lost In Space' was cancelled since he was considered the'ultimate male' because of the series 'Zorro' being hugely popular there)

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